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"Wry, dark and racy "

-- Philadelphia Weekly

"A wittily frank story of a freshwoman's coming of age."

-- Philadelphia Inquirer

"It's the mid 1970s, and Willard College for Women has just received a new shipment of dykes and eager straight girls just begging to be tempted. Penelope "Pip" Collier has just dumped her psych professor, Dr. Jojo Crews, for Dusie Hertz, a gorgeous newspaper-insert model whose frosh Little Sister juggles a gaggle of guys from the nearby men's college in between knocking the big dyke on campus up against walls-and the BDOC just happens to be Pip. This debut novel from Diane Ayres is a frothy good time, packed with sex, seduction, betrayal, revenge, and a healthy addiction to midnight poker. We've heard this girls' school high jinks tale before, but it's rarely been this much good plain fun."

--Emily Drabinski, OUT Magazine

" Other Girls is a dazzling debut ... a romantic, erotic, hilarious and at times, heartbreaking story about love among women ... The book blithely morphs from dead-on satire to lesbian soap opera, from comedy to tragedy, from period piece to political statement ...   Other Girls also has humor in abundance. Ayres is as good with one-liners as she is with more sustained comic bits ... rowdy, bawdy, utterly believeable ... thoroughly entertaining"

-- Philadelphia Gay News

"If the lesbian love story of Other Girls is most likely to attract attention, it's the skill with which Ayres captures campus life in the 70s that will keep you reading. Descriptions of cutthroat late-night card games in the dormitories and the gossip at meals are likely to stir memories of undergraduate life."

-- Harrisburg Patriot-News

"Ayres is a talented writer...I was struck time and time again by her intelligent humor and witty dialogue, and the puns that sparkle throughout the book ... a skilfully woven web of dyke drama and the sturm und drang of college life"

-- Lambda Book Report

"Parents, if you're thinking about sending your darling daughter to a women's college, better read Other Girls first ... But don't just shuffle pages looking for the seamy parts. There's a serious coming-of-age story here."

-- Philadelphia Daily News

"Spunky, searching characters ... the Sturm und Drang involved in female friendships and love affairs emotional roller coasters"

-- Publishers Weekly

"Engaging ... amusing ... a spirited ... look at college life in the late 1970s...the characters and their stories hold together well."

-- Pittsburgh Magazine

"An impressive debut. Take this one to the beach."

-- New York Jewish Week

" Other Girls mixes all the requisite ingredients and takes a not-so-predictable path to the finish."

-- Woman's Monthly

"An excellent debut novel, marked apart from its peers by some carefully crafted prose."

-- Gay Community Monthly (UK)